August 20, 2020


Chicken or Egg or Fundraise

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Chicken or Egg or Fundraise
Bootstrapped Web
Chicken or Egg or Fundraise

Aug 20 2020 | 00:41:30


Show Notes

We’re back with “Boo-strapped Web”. We’re behind the mic talking about stress, marketing, executing decisions, and guilt over new hire experiences. Lastly, we’re going over the latest news in startup financing, which could blow everything out of the water: rolling funds.

[tweetthis]“Saas is an ongoing chicken or egg problem and it happens more in the product side and maybe even more so on the marketing side.” - Brian [/tweetthis]

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • New Hire Experiences
    • New employee Slack introductions
    • PoweredBySearch’s great online course/training for new hires
  • SaaS = Chicken or Egg Problem
  • Marketing
    • Zapier
  • Rolling funds
    • Sahil Lavingia (Gumroad)
    • Exemption 506-B, 506-B, and Solicitation
    • Funding per quarter
    • Better access to capital, on better terms
    • Transparency will be key
[tweetthis]“Audience is now a new form of power, it’s investing power. So if you have an audience and you take a stance and people believe in what you believe in, you can just raise your hand and now you’re a VC, yourself. If a fund can raise money this way, why can’t a startup?” - Jordan [/tweetthis]




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