August 06, 2020


Hello Competitors

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Hello Competitors
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Hello Competitors

Aug 06 2020 | 00:38:02


Show Notes

Today we’re talking about camping ratios, COVID and Black Friday, the eCommerce boom due to COVID, emotions versus moods, Twitter, and competitors. We go over some bold and unique marketing strategies with ProcessKit, how we’ve won Jordan over in the “Working-from-home” battle, and about hiring contractors and coaches.

[tweetthis]“He found the reviews where they’re complaining about the competitors and we’re, like, featuring those. Not to just poke at them but to show, ‘If [the customers] complain about this, here’s how ProcessKit solves that.” - Brian [/tweetthis]

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • COVID trends and looking into the near future
  • Competitor hype and making a dent in the market
  • “Aggressive” marketing in ProcessKit
  • People management and coaches
  • Hiring contractors for marketing strategies
  • Embracing the working from home life
[tweetthis]“Identify the difference between an emotion and a mood. A tweet from a competitor, that creates an emotion. But my mood is dictated by, like, my family and my wife and my amazing kids and our health. But how to separate those two out and not let an emotion ruin the mood, feels like a new skill.” - Jordan [/tweetthis]




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