September 10, 2020


The Next Chapter in the Product

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
The Next Chapter in the Product
Bootstrapped Web
The Next Chapter in the Product

Sep 10 2020 | 00:45:59


Show Notes

It’s been a little while but Brian and Jordan are back behind the mics. On today’s episode, they’re talking about vacations, a long first week back, marketing, big news with Carthook, cold emails, and guest features.

[tweetthis]“I wanted to get things moving and basically get things up and running, so I hired a marketer” - Brian [/tweetthis]

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Carthook, Shopify, and working together
  • How Shopify works
  • What cold emailers get wrong
  • Conversion rates and automation
  • Initial onboarding systems and portals
  • Guest features
  • Questioning ourselves
  • Benedict Deicke’s Tweet
[tweetthis]“The wins don’t last very long. They just whiz by and then it’s just like, ‘Onto the next challenge, onto the next challenge, onto the next thing.” - Jordan [/tweetthis]





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