October 06, 2016


Updates: Dev Process, MRR Milestones, Remote vs. Office

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Updates: Dev Process, MRR Milestones, Remote vs. Office
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Updates: Dev Process, MRR Milestones, Remote vs. Office

Oct 06 2016 | 00:45:31


Show Notes

Today is a basic update episode, but we have a special guest as well. Justin McGill is the co-founder of LeadFuze and co-host of the podcast Zero to Scale. He joins us on the update train today and gives us an idea of what the future holds for LeadFuze. Jordan tells us how his team meetup is going and Brian fills us in on what is going on with Audience Ops. [tweetthis]Finding talent is so hard & to limit to just my zipcode is... I don't see how that would have worked. - Brian Casel[/tweetthis] We cover a lot of topics today. Our main discussion boils down to the pros and cons of remote teams. A lot of founders find remote works well for them, but today we discuss the virtues of a brick and mortar office space. Here are today's topics:
  • Jordan’s meetup progress.
  • The pressures of being the boss and having a life.
  • Jordan’s product development troubles.
  • Jordan’s new website and onboarding process for the check-out product.
  • Brian’s 50k milestone.
  • Brian’s search for a good writer.
  • Brian’s return to sale calls.
  • Justin’s LeadFuze issues.
  • The stress of going from remote team to office space.
  • The importance of office culture to a business.
  • How to decompress while working at home.
  • Slack vs. e-Mail
  • What’s going on with Audience Ops’ software.
[tweetthis]There is a point in time where you just say 'Screw it, I'm going to start marketing.' - Jordan Gal[/tweetthis]

Resources Mentioned Today:

Zero to Scale LeadFuze CartHook Audience Ops Calendar


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