October 13, 2016


Adding Service to Software / Marketing Pre-MVP

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Adding Service to Software / Marketing Pre-MVP
Bootstrapped Web
Adding Service to Software / Marketing Pre-MVP

Oct 13 2016 | 00:45:24


Show Notes

Today’s episode is basically a therapy session for us both. We lay out our current issues and talk each other though the options. Jordan is dealing with customers and their personal expectations for the products. Brian is looking for balance in his development stage on the calendar product. We try our best to see our situations from all angles and possibilities. [tweetthis]The first step is deciding which things are the right things to pursue. - Jordan[/tweetthis] So join us for our conversation today, you might learn some things about the futures of Carthook and Audience Ops. Here are today’s topics:
  • Carthook’s customer response to the checkout product.
  • Dealing with customer requests.
  • When it is time to expand a company.
  • Approaching service based business models.
  • Approaching product based business models.
  • The alternative answer to consulting services.
  • How to standardize operations.
  • The 2 approaches to launches.
  • Finding the balance of life and product development.
  • An Audience Ops podcast.
  • Audience Ops webinars.
[tweetthis]What's the higher level goal for the company? And that's not just revenue and profit. - Brian[/tweetthis]

Resources Mentioned Today:

CartHook Audience Ops Calendar


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