September 29, 2016


Going Global: Team Travel, Tiny Confs, & Remote Lifestyle

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Going Global: Team Travel, Tiny Confs, & Remote Lifestyle
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Going Global: Team Travel, Tiny Confs, & Remote Lifestyle

Sep 29 2016 | 00:48:38


Show Notes

We’re are having a “party” episode with some special guests today. We’ve got Dave Rodenbaugh, Craig Hewitt, and later on Brad Touesnard joining us. We are all involved with Big Snow Tiny Conf. Brian is head of the Vermont event, Dave is head of the West event (Colorado.) Craig is taking care of our European event in France. Today we talk about the conference and why we love it. [tweetthis]It's [Big Snow Tiny Conf] half retreat, half mastermind. -  Dave Rodenbaugh[/tweetthis] We also discuss living abroad and working remote and with remote teams. The startup world is going global and we want Big Snow Tiny Conf to reflect that. Here are today’s topics:
  • What is Big Snow Tiny Conf
  • Big Snow Tiny Conf East
  • Big Snow Tiny Conf West
  • Big Snow Tiny Conf Europe
  • Why the events are awesome!
  • Jordan’s meetup with his team
  • Why traveling is a perk to the Bootstrapped lifestyle
If you have an interest in Big Snow Tiny Conf tickets go on sale Oct. 10th. Remember these events are meant to be small so space is limited. Big Snow Tiny Confs East and West (Vermont and Colorado)  are scheduled for Feb. 6-9.  Big Snow Tiny Conf Europe (France) is scheduled for Jan. 16-19. [tweetthis]I think travel specifically is one of the big drivers of why I do this for a living. - Brian Casel[/tweetthis]

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Big Snow Tiny Conf Bootstrapped Web


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