February 21, 2019


Who Is Selling the Product?

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Who Is Selling the Product?
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Who Is Selling the Product?

Feb 21 2019 | 00:47:09


Show Notes

MicroConf is right around the corner! We are excited and really looking forward to this year’s event.

Brian is jumping back into ProcessKit but he’s struggling to get back into the groove. We discuss why that happens and how we try to keep momentum during a project. We also discuss the role of salespeople and what is a fair incentive in a small team?

Carthook is dealing with customers expectations and Jordan made some mistakes during the meeting. He reflects on those mistakes and shares what he decided moving forward when dealing with customer feedback.

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Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Looking forward to MicroConf!
  • Brian’s efforts to pick up ProcessKit.
  • How to get back into a project when you’ve been away from it.
  • The 3 mistakes Jordan made during a “What Our Customers are Saying” meeting.
  • What he learned from those mistakes.
  • How to balance quality control with customer expectations.
  • Brian’s bad sales experience.
  • Are salespeople worth the commission?
  • Are shared commissions a good idea?
  • Responding to Derrick Reimer’s tweet.
  • Why you should consult with a customer and not demo.
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Derrick Reimer’s tweet



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