March 28, 2019


When Customer Support Does & Doesn't Pay

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
When Customer Support Does & Doesn't Pay
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When Customer Support Does & Doesn't Pay

Mar 28 2019 | 00:39:32


Show Notes

MicroConf is coming and we’re psyched! We take a glimpse at the schedule for this year’s event and we talk about what we’re looking forward too. Brian has an update on his pricing issue with ProcessKit and the conclusion he came too. Jordan is happy to announce that Carthook’s plateau is over!

Brian tries to help him pinpoint the cause but the answer seems to be a combination of things. We also talk about customer service and when is it best to just redirect a customer to another service or product? What’s the best way to save everyone some time and manpower?

[tweetthis]On my mind right now with ProcessKit... is on-boarding, getting them to switch to it and getting them committed to it. I think that's probably going to be the biggest challenge with selling this product. -- Brian [/tweetthis]

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Get ready for MicroConf!.
  • What we look forward to during this year’s MicroConf.
  • An update about ProcessKit.
  • The two options Brian is considering for product pricing.
  • The benefit of focusing on team product users.
  • Carthook is finally past the plateau from the holiday season.
  • The onboarding challenges of ProcessKit.
  • Brian’s experience with on-boarding with ConvertKit.
  • The introduction of Customer Engineers into Carthook’s support team.
  • How to tactfully weed out “bad” customers.
  • Brian’s contemplation about leaving the sales role in Audience Ops.

[tweetthis]I remember at the very beginning I wanted to learn more about how to get things started. Then I wanted to learn things about how to grow, and now I want to learn things about how to manage. -- Jordan [/tweetthis]

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