November 09, 2021


Go to Market vs. Marketing

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Go to Market vs. Marketing
Bootstrapped Web
Go to Market vs. Marketing

Nov 09 2021 | 00:38:22


Show Notes

What is the difference between going to market and marketing? What mindset do you need to be in to accomplish your goals for both of these stages of business? In addition to answering these questions, Brian and Jordan dive into their marketing goals, content strategists, and updates on where they are with their Rally and ZipMessage.

Jordan talks about Rally’s methodical blog posts, which will be released slowly over the next few months. Brian shares some of the new features on ZipMessage and his plans for ‘going to market.’ They also talk about how uncomfortable and rewarding the process can be. ‘Going to market’ is humbling and requires authenticity after all.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • The difference between going to market and marketing
  • What is involved when you go to market
  • Marketing techniques and content creators
  • Different versions of networking

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