October 03, 2019


Continuous Adjustments

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Continuous Adjustments
Bootstrapped Web
Continuous Adjustments

Oct 03 2019 | 00:40:02


Show Notes

Jordan and Brian are back in the studio. Today the main focus is on the continuous adjustments needed in the software industry. They also quickly cover the trend of SaaS companies doing conferences and community-based marketing. Jordan talks about how great Carthook is doing, productivity challenges, goals for the future, some exciting, secret news for the future, and Carthook’s amazing director of communications. Brain talks about presenting at CaboPress, the possibility of meetups for his team, and his new developer.

[tweetthis]“As the founder, not only do I want to build fast and want to ship soon, but I’m also the one that defines what the priority is.” - Brian [/tweetthis]

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • CaboPress
  • The Future of Carthook
  • Productivity challenges
  • The role of a director of communications
  • Brian’s new developer
  • Changes in expectations
  • Founder concerns
  • MicroConf survey
  • Onboarding challenges with ProcessKit
[tweetthis]“It’s like a rumba where sometimes you just run into a wall (sometimes minor and sometimes major) but it’s just an adjustment.” - Jordan [/tweetthis]

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