August 22, 2019


Move It up and Accelerate the Plan

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Move It up and Accelerate the Plan
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Move It up and Accelerate the Plan

Aug 22 2019 | 00:45:19


Show Notes

Jordan is back! We talk about what we’ve been up to: family trips to Cape Cod, productivity and the stress before vacations, Michigan in the summer, and buying houses, Brian’s assistant. After catching up, we jump right into updates, price changes, dual-track development, and outsourcing.

[tweetthis]"It’s like an exercise in balancing the emotion of that and the logic of “No, this is better for the business. It’s better for the long term."--Jordan [/tweetthis]

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • An update to the sales process (removing the self-serve free trials and requiring demos instead) which forced us to reprioritizing features
  • ProcessKit’s new custom fields and how that got everyone’s attention
  • The mental/emotional roller coaster of price changes
  • Timing and focus on multiple projects
  • The Sunrise vision
  • When should you grandfather someone in?
  • The benefit of the dual-track development & outsourcing
  • The sunk cost fallacy
  • An update on Brian’s search for a developer
[tweetthis]"I can actually collaborate on the development side. That’s why I’m so excited to hire a developer…I could actually be involved in that and work through that process whereas before I could only design it." – Brian [/tweetthis]

Resources Mentioned:

Process Kit

Sunrise KPI 

Product Hunt 

Shape Up 

Goodreads: Shape Up 




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