June 25, 2020


Heyyy + People-ing, Building & Marketing

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Heyyy + People-ing,    Building & Marketing
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Heyyy + People-ing, Building & Marketing

Jun 25 2020 | 00:59:31


Show Notes

We’re back and we have so much to talk about. First off, we’d like to dedicate this episode to Ian Landsman and his twitter account. “Hey” seems to have taken Twitter by storm. We’ll talk about how we feel about that, and, of course, we’ll update you on what’s going on in our businesses as well.

[tweetthis]"For an everyday email app, I need it to be as clean and simple as possible. But the experience and the functionality and the UI makes a lot of sense, I think." - Brian, on Hey from Basecamp [/tweetthis]

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Hey (from Basecamp): the pros & cons, and the controversy with the Apple Store
  • Hiring at Carthook
    • Recruiters
    • People Ops person
    • Culture and training
  • Onboarding updates at ProcessKit
  • To build or to market, that is the question
    • Forms features
    • Marketing tasks on my to-do list
[tweetthis]“Now we have 8 completely new people we’ve never met, we probably won’t be able to see for, like, a year. How do we give them a good experience? How do we make sure they don’t feel isolated?” - Jordan, on hiring new team members during COVID [/tweetthis]


HEY - Email at its best, new from Basecamp

Help Scout - Simple Customer Service Software and Education

Dynamite Jobs




Audience Ops



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