November 24, 2016


Launching 2nd Products w/ Ruben Gamez

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Launching 2nd Products w/ Ruben Gamez
Bootstrapped Web
Launching 2nd Products w/ Ruben Gamez

Nov 24 2016 | 00:58:17


Show Notes

Welcome back to Bootstrapped Web. Our guest today is Ruben Gamez, the founder of We are talking to Ruben today because Bidsketch is getting ready to launch a new product. Since we both are launching new products we thought it would be good to compare notes. Bidsketch’s main product has been a proposal tool. Now they want to add a signature app to their brand. Today we discuss how to research for a new product and how to handle expanding when there are competitors. We compare notes about our own product lines and how to get the customers to notice. [tweetthis]I think there are plenty, well established competing companies who just have feature bloat. - Brian[/tweetthis] Here are today’s topics:
  • How to find positioning and distribution for a new product.
  • Why begin a separate product line.
  • Finding the “why” when people don’t use your product.
  • How to focus on two product lines.
  • Creating a good elevator pitch.
  • Finding your hook.
  • Asking the right questions of new customers.
  • How to reach people outside of your network.
  • Ruben’s timeline.
  • How to find the gaps in your competitor’s products.
  • Why you shouldn’t copy just to copy a competitor.
If you are interested in Bidsketch and their new product, you can go to or find Ruben on Twitter. [tweetthis]There is all this lead up that goes into it [switching apps] that you don't see it beneath the surf. - Jordan[/tweetthis]

Resources Mentioned Today:

Audience Ops Calendar Bidsketch Carthook Ruben Gamez’s Twitter As always, thanks for tuning in. Head here to leave a  review in iTunes.

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