May 11, 2017


Back from MicroConf! More Signups! Facebook Ads Funnels!

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Back from MicroConf! More Signups! Facebook Ads Funnels!
Bootstrapped Web
Back from MicroConf! More Signups! Facebook Ads Funnels!

May 11 2017 | 00:59:08


Show Notes

We are back from MicroConf and on this episode we share our takeaways and also update the important things going on in our businesses. Jordan shares how Russ Henneberry’s MicroConf talk encouraged him to look at his business differently. After this episode you may not look at funnels the same way again. Brian explains how MicroConf often helps him refocus his priorities. He has plans to reconnect with his personal brand and create some new engaging content. We discuss how he can do that. MicroConf has been an educational experience for both of us and we have some really good take aways that we discuss today. We also have some general updates about our businesses. Surprisingly, we both are having issues with our marketing. We compare situations and see if we have something that could be helpful to the other person. [tweetthis]It’s been very helpful for the team to see me very freely admit shortcomings. - Jordan[/tweetthis] Here are today’s conversation points:
  • How MicroConf changed Jordan’s approach to funnels.
  • Content marketing updates.
  • Why you should know why your customers use your product.
  • Brian’s update about Audience Ops and Casjam.
  • Jordan’s new hires.
  • The importance of improving SOPs.
  • The natural progress toward corporate structuring. Why it is inevitable.
  • Our marketing successes and woes.
[tweetthis]It's more about really understanding the underlying 'why' of that problem in your customers' minds. - Brian[/tweetthis]

Resources Mentioned Today:

Audience Ops Ops Calendar Carthook CasJam MicroConf As always, thanks for tuning in. Head here to leave a  review in iTunes.

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