November 22, 2018


Launching a New Product in a Month / VIP Customer Sales

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Launching a New Product in a Month / VIP Customer Sales
Bootstrapped Web
Launching a New Product in a Month / VIP Customer Sales

Nov 22 2018 | 00:49:55


Show Notes

We are gearing up for the holiday season here at Bootstrapped Web. Jordan has a serious talk about self-care and knowing when to step back. Brian gives an update on ProcessKit and announces a new product. Automation Guides is launching later this month. Brian explains why he decided to create this new product and his personal goals for it. We also have a discussion about how we handle “high priority accounts” and how we like to be treated as a high priority account (VIP) by other companies. [tweetthis]I think we get really good at ignoring stress. It just becomes normal to us. -- Jordan[/tweetthis] Here are today’s conversation points:
  • Hiccups in Jordan’s office move.
  • ProcessKit update.
  • Jordan’s frustrating day and knowing when to take a day off.
  • Our holiday plans.
  • The connection between good health practices and productivity.
  • The launch of Automation Guides.
  • What is Automation Guides?
  • Why Brian is launching a new product now.
  • Brian’s plans for Automation Guides.
  • How Carthook deals with VIPs.
  • Brian’s experience as a VIP and his preferences.
[tweetthis]Frankly I don't want to talk to anyone, but I do have questions and I want them answered via email. -- Brian[/tweetthis]

Resources Mentioned Today:

ActiveCampaign Automation Guides Bootstrapped Web Carthook Drip MemberPress ProcessKit As always, thanks for tuning in. Head here to leave a  review in iTunes.

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