July 25, 2019


Starvation or Indigestion?

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Starvation or Indigestion?
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Starvation or Indigestion?

Jul 25 2019 | 00:44:03


Show Notes

Two weeks in a row, and still plenty of topics and updates to discuss! Jordan wants to talk about how startups fail when they take on more opportunities than they can handle. If he decides to pursue any of the big opportunities that popped up recently, what does that mean for Carthook and its employees? 

Brian remains focused on prioritizing ProcessKit tasks. Everything feels urgent, and it’s impossible to have patience. There are so many things that he wants to happen, that need to happen, but they won’t get done anytime soon. Also, he shares his thoughts and ideas about case studies/testimonials package for Audience Ops. 

[tweetthis]"Startups more often die from indigestion than starvation because they’re trying to do too much." -- Jordan [/tweetthis]

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Brian’s in-depth video about ProcessKit’s marketing site progress. 
  • Jordan worries about overextending his team’s capacity, creating problems and pain.
  • Brian sets up Help Scout for ProcessKit’s knowledge base docs and live chat.
  • Ridiculous or necessary? Jordan hired ‘people consultant’ to help define job titles and compensation. 
  • Brian’s push for case studies content due to decline in new leads for Audience Ops. 
  • Carthook’s employment agreements are changing to navigate non-compete issues,  allow side projects, and encourage entrepreneurship.
  • ProcessKit’s paying customer account continues to increase slowly, but Brian still needs to build essential features from archiving projects to restricting permissions.
  • Why Jordan has doubts about Slack and its central impact on team communication.
  • Brian changed ProcessKit’s sign-up process to requiring a call with him to share your questions and objections to get a formal invite.
[tweetthis]"There’s still so much that I just don’t have in hand to give to people yet. I built the core...there is plenty in the roadmap." -- Brian [/tweetthis]

Resources Mentioned Today:



Copywriting for the marketing site for ProcessKit

Audience Ops

Help Scout


Derrick Reimer




Alex Turnbull of Groove on Twitter

Hiten Shah on Twitter

Crazy Egg

Jason Fried on Twitter


Ian Landsman on Twitter


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