August 31, 2022


Research, Roadmaps, People, and Product

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Research, Roadmaps, People, and Product
Bootstrapped Web
Research, Roadmaps, People, and Product

Aug 31 2022 | 00:49:30


Show Notes

How do you figure out the next iteration of your business? What keeps you unemployable? Does your environment change your outlook on personal and professional goals?

After a short but busy couple of weeks, Brian and Jordan are back to talk about updates in their businesses and their lives. Jordan is starting to settle into Chicago and has come up with some interesting revelations. Meanwhile, Brian has also come up with some interesting revelations after listening to and analyzing customer feedback. This has all resulted in a surprising new waypoint on their roadmap.

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Talking Points: 

  • Jordan’s big move to Chicago
  • Happiness in comparison to other people and the struggles of finding your own path
  • The next iteration of ZipMessage
    • Coaching 
    • Building more features and adapting what we have
  • Hiring, resignations, building up teams and the organization
  • NoCode consultants and solutions businesses


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