January 10, 2022


Define Traction

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Define Traction
Bootstrapped Web
Define Traction

Jan 10 2022 | 00:35:48


Show Notes

What does traction feel like? How do you authentically build a network? Brian and Jordan talk about marketing, website updates, and the different phases of product/market fit. Jordan dives into the different and unique ways Rally is marketing. Brian updates us on ZipMessage momentum: website updates, premium enrollment, and crossing a customer milestone.

Today’s episode is all about the different ways you can build traction but also the different ways you can define traction.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Marketing site changes at Rally
    • Getting credit for speed and momentum
    • NFT Projects for marketing
  • ZipMessage website updates
    • Personalization for customers 
    • Creating a WordPress plugin
    • Premium enrollment/Private or public conversations
  • Phases of Product/market Fit
    • What does traction feel like?
    • Are customers willing to adapt for your product?

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