April 12, 2018


The Carthook Team Talks Product Development Process

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
The Carthook Team Talks Product Development Process
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The Carthook Team Talks Product Development Process

Apr 12 2018 | 00:53:46


Show Notes

We welcome Team Carthook to the podcast today! Jordan has brought two of his senior team members to discuss the evolution and future evolution of Carthook’s service. Ben Fisher is the co-founder of Carthook and head of product. Rok Knez is Carthook’s lead developer. He usually manages the company office over in Slovenia. Both Ben and Rok were a part of the company since the very beginning. The guys share how they met and how the business has gone from 3 guys hanging out to the large-scale team that is today’s Carthook. We discuss the technical issues that have reared their ugly head the last few months and Ben explains how they coped with this inevitable part of the business. Today the hood is being lifted on Carthook and we will learn about how Jordan and his team interact with each other and their clients. Buckle up for a very technical episode! [tweetthis]For bootstrapping new software startups, choose a more mature framework, rather than the trendiest stuff. - Brian[/tweetthis] Here are today’s conversation points:
  • Introducing Ben and Rok.
  • How Ben and Rok met Jordan and got involved in Carthook.
  • How Rok hired the engineering team.
  • Who helps with product design?
  • The new style guide the team has recently adopted.
  • How Carthook’s tech stack has evolved.
  • The importance of not cutting corners.
  • The benefits of using Angular.
  • Carthook’s road-mapping process.
  • When do frameworks and processes matter?
  • The 3 questions the team ask themselves when making decisions.
  • How Hiten Shah has influenced Carthook’s process.
  • How Jordan and the original team have coped with working with a larger team.
  • What Jordan and his team have learned about their product.
  • The importance of choosing the right colleagues.
[tweetthis]Spend whatever we need to spend, and eventually they [Ben & Rok] took that advice and now I regret it a bit. - Jordan[/tweetthis]

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