April 26, 2018


Value of a Coach / Hiring Spree / Launching in Public

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Value of a Coach / Hiring Spree / Launching in Public
Bootstrapped Web
Value of a Coach / Hiring Spree / Launching in Public

Apr 26 2018 | 00:51:56


Show Notes

On today’s episode, we discuss the real value of a business coach. Jordan has announced that he would like to try his hand at it and Brian shares his own experience with it. We compare the pros and cons of being a coach for other founders and we explore why it is a good revenue source. We also continue our Armchair Quarterbacking Sessions with Derrick Reimer’s project Level. Derrick has noticed some productivity issues with the platform, Slack. He is out to recreate an alternative that can be customized for the tech world, where distractions are project killers. We offer our impressions of the idea and analyze how Derrick is approaching his product development. [tweetthis]There are so many really talented, really smart, really motivated people, they just want to work remotely. - Brian[/tweetthis] Here are today’s conversation points:
  • Getting ready for MicroConf.
  • Brian’s update on the podcasting service.
  • The only stumbling block Brian has encountered.
  • Jordan’s plans to start coaching.
  • Why he is interested in exploring coaching.
  • Who would benefit from Jordan’s coaching?
  • The value of a good business coach.
  • The pros and cons of being a coach.
  • Armchair Quarterbacking Session: Level.
  • Building an alternative to Slack, and is it possible?
  • Are there any benefits to being transparent?
  • Jordan’s advice to Derrick.
  • Brian’s impressions of Derrick’s idea.
[tweetthis]If you are going to provide value, it's not just talking, it's work. - Jordan[/tweetthis]

Resources Mentioned Today:

Audience Ops Carthook Derrick Reimer’s Twitter Jordangal.com Jordan’s email Jordan’s Twitter Level Level on Twitter MicroConf Productize Slack As always, thanks for tuning in. Head here to leave a  review on iTunes.

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